My Paintings

When I retired from the Civil Service at the age of 70, I had no specific plan for my future – after nearly 50 years in work at home and overseas, I took the view that enjoying travel, TV and Film, and my beloved Everton FC would be more than enough to fill my remaining days.

About four months later, my son Steven, now residing in the former family home, found some old ink drawings of mine when clearing out the loft. On holiday at home and abroad, I recalled that I used to enjoy making pictures of buildings and views, portrayed in indian ink, and Steven had found some of the old pictures, about 25 years old, when clearing out the loft at Courtenay Avenue.

When Ste gave me the old pictures, he ignited an old passion, one which has never since left me.

There was, however, more. I had enrolled in a watercolour painting class run by Sefton Council, and it became apparent to me that there was a marriage to be made here: the indian ink drawings and the water colours.

So it was that my new passion was aroused. My painting career was launched.

It’s more of a draughtsman career than an artist/creative career. I will leave it to others to decide upon its type.

If you like my pictures, excellent!

If you don’t, well…whatever. See you later.

At the time of writing there are several groups of paintings in my portfolio. On this page are some examples from the Liverpool Collection: views from in and around the City.